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ZigBee is definitely an open cordless community interaction protocol based on the IEEE specification IEEE 802.15.4, which enables the Controller to communicate with its Modules via Radio Frequency. The standard is a growth of the ZigBee Alliance, that has been launched into the end of 2002. It's an industry alliance greater than 230 enterprises who occupy the global development of this technology. The initial ZigBee items came in the marketplace at first of 2005. Because Zigbee standardises just the lower protocol levels (radio layer), the manufacturers that are different defined their own higher software layers. As being a result ZigBee devices of various manufacturers are not suitable for one another.

Reliability of Correspondence: Yes. A mesh that is wireless is produced and ensures numerous path routing to every module which translates to long reach, and high dependability in the event of disturbance and on occasion even in case there is in-path device failure.
Safety of Communication: No. Zigbee uses hashing that is weak and contains been investigated become penetrable. Penetration isn't easy but pc software tools such as for example "Killerbee" exist and that can allow anyone with little Linux and experience that is scripting hack into a current Zigbee network.
Price: No
Features and Capabilities: Yes
Investment Protection: Yes
Interoperability: No
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EnOcean is really a radio that is wireless based, power harvesting technology used primarily in building automation systems. It isn't set out for worldwide, European or national standardization; nevertheless, EnOcean GmbH is offering its technology and licenses for the patented features under license inside the EnOcean Alliance framework. The idea was created make it possible for batteryless sensors and switches for building automation. Which can be dubious in terms of energy efficient because current options can consume less than 500W per 60 storey tower in automation products.

EnOcean based technologies have now been installed in some big projects such since the Abu Dhabi Central Market, the Dubai Financial Center...etc.

Reliability of correspondence: No, En-Ocean will not provide 2-way communication between the Controller and its particular Modules. Also the Controller is at a star community using the Modules and there's no meshing that is wireless this one-to-one sign mapping can drastically fail in times of high disturbance.
Protection of Communication: Yes
Price: No, En-Ocean prices are more aligned with KNX.
Features and Capabilities: No. Supported but not yet noticed in the market.
Investment Protection: Yes
Interoperability: Yes


Among all the above protocols, Z-wave ranks the very best thus far. The strength of Z-wave lies in the big wide range of various products from different manufacturers plus the very robust, 2-way, meshed, and guaranteed communication that is wireless. Z-wave potato chips additionally eat a 10mW at peak and tend to be inexpensive when compared with all the options. Why? because Z-wave has been originally created for domestic applications.

Z-wave is deemed the generation that is next of Residence Technology and product lines have begun to emerge from big players such as for instance Honeywell and Schneider Electric. This technology is not just feature complete, dependable and protected, but is offered by competitive rates and investment security for projects of any size starting with specific villas all of the method to large real estate towers. As of today, Z-wave is deployed in many villas into the UAE at an scale that is individual. Z-wave can be beginning to make its means through lots of the large tenders for developments throughout the Emirates.