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Blu-ray or HD DVD player:If your wish to have hd ,then you'll opt for Blue-ray player.Blue ray may be the technology that is latest.

The other elements include

Home theater pre-wiring that is pre-wire:-By can be confident that your particular home theatre could have the no visible cables custom-built home theater look.When pre-wiring for the Home Theater, it is important that the floor connections be wired really specific way.The net result would be noise and hum free energy by having a 'deep black back ground' by which to enjoy your audio and video presentation.
A factor that is key you start pre-wiring your home is planning.

Structured wiring is just a term that is generic to explain many different types of home wiring products which distribute many different data signals throughout a home.

Home theaters provide so entertainment that is much and do produce a additive advantage to almost every lifestyle.The home theater is not just a supply of watching movie,the aspects of a property theater can be utilized for any other activity purposes.Take as an example,the home theater speakers not merely provide great music to your movie,but also can manage other musical tracks.
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Lighting, from on/off/dim settings, light scenes, to security awareness
Cooling and heating, from simple heat setbacks to more advanced regular detections and modifications.
Security system, from door and windows to a security that is complete system with digital cameras and very early warning systems
Audio and video, from a single space distribution to whole home audio and video distribution.

More feature that is complex be:

Weather station integration for the heating coolant system.
Voice recognition to receive demand.
Mobile integration to build and also to get calls.
Swimming pool or sauna management with heating, filtering and purifying.
Baby room monitoring with movement and noise detection and reporting.

The idea of 'home theater' means numerous things to people that are many. Although some people are content with a 27-inch color television and a couple of stereo speakers, many recognize a front side projection system because the most thrilling and home theater experience that is authentic. Unfortunately, it is also probably the most demanding, which explains why no more than 5% of consumers really get most of the real way and use a mini-movie theater within their house.

Thats a shame since a front that is dedicated home theatre has a lot of advantages and advantages that its worthy of considering.