Corporate Investigator - Counterfeit Tracking

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Lots of the Private detectives today are ex-police officers, ex-military and also ex-spies. These previous experiences give PIs an advantage in terms of surveillance work. That is why many companies hire PIs when they discover counterfeits of these products. A low priced knock-off can spell disaster with a company's reputation his or her brand is on the product. This kind of investigation may also be called "Brand Protection".

These Private Detectives are usually called OVERSEAS OPERATION. The work they do consists of tracking the cause of counterfeit goods, gathering sufficient evidence and reporting the crime to proper authorities. Though certain Detective agency offices offer armed and unarmed executive protection services, they will rarely engage the prospective or try to make an arrest.

Private Investigators in the field of Brand Protection frequently have established links with Enforcement Agencies, Specialized Prosecutors and Ip (IP) solicitors.

If they perform initial surveillance work they analyze the problem. If sufficient evidence is gathered they report it to proper authorities, otherwise they continue their investigation. This largely depends upon the united states or state the location where the counterfeits are produced.

You'll find 3 main methods used for gathering evidence on counterfeit goods manufacturers.

Informants: Lots of the counterfeit producers use cheap illegal labor. They will can be simply changed into informants in exchange for money. PIs in addition try to make contact with counterfeiters' competitors who gladly reveal details about the competitors as a way to shut down their operation.

Pretext purchasing: Detective agency would go undercover and attempt to make large purchases of counterfeit goods. The PI would require seeing the facility the place that the backpacks are produced. They could pretend to be re-sellers and show huge amounts of income so that you can gain trust from the counterfeit producers. Sometimes an informant may be used because liaison.

When the PI is within the "factory" he is able to use hidden cameras and install surveillance equipment inside.

Surveillance: After the target is identified the surveillance work begins. This ofttimes involves irregular hours and harsh working conditions. They watch what time shipments arrive, try to see what exactly is inside the containers and take down license plate numbers. PIs determine when was the optimum time for police force agents to really make the arrest. This is time when most key players are inside when the larger section of the merchandise was not shipped out yet.

Counterfeiting is a high dollar business, but thankfully we've got dedicated people being Professional Private eyes who is able to allow us fight them.