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Light and shadows ~ that is what I've been balancing out in my life weekly. From the painting of Allie, (Allie's Present) everything has been darkish, varying shades of dark. Within this painting of Kate the reverse does work. I did not find it when I wrote my fantasy down. Dream: I view a non pattern of darks; darker darks and lighter darks. I am multiplying the picture. Now it is a pattern of lights ~ high lights, milder lights and darker lighting fixture. Inversely proportional.

This tiny dog flipped up into my life straight! And only as it appeared as if that she could perhaps not be successful, she amped up the bets. Toward the close of the week that I moved to vacuum . This time she lay on a floor in my sack. So I told her I went to close the door while I raced the vacuum. She was under the bed when I came back fifteen minutes after. I let her stay there awhile. Assessing her on throughout the early hours, I coaxed her out. I put her and sat there about the floor with her and held her while she trembled.

Over the next few days we worked at getting to understand eachother. Inside the van, she squirmed out of my wrists and down between the back seats along the road home into an afghan which was on to the ground. She wished to stay there, after we got home. At your house I found yet another afghan and put it down. Immediately she made the following nest. She is a nester.

Note: 4 plein air paintings exemplify this guide and may be obtained for re publication.
I took out the vacuum to tidy up, the day after she came. I saw her out from the corner of my eye as I took the vacuum from the closet. The deck door was shut and spying the vacuum, and she slipped outside. I moved about vacuuming. Jim asked where she was and came in a little while later. No where! She had disappeared! We spent the following hour enclosing woods, searching the yard and adjoining neighbors' lawns.

"I really don't understand what happened to you," I said outloud to her. "I'm sorry. I am really so sorry it happened, whatever it was." I lasted. I stroked her head, as I talked. So that since I did I felt my ego let go of anything it had been that had retained me doing, doing , doing until I thought I'd drop. We allow it move.
In my birthday, I painted these two actors that are quick of Sneekers now. She sat a thing I never permitted a dog! I had to paint because positions shifted regularly. So that I used alizarin crimson to draw her contour directly on the picture the sofa is brick red. By the time I'd the shapes in, she had proceeded. By blocking while in the colors I reacted.
At the kennel we and the other dog Jim wanted me to visit met. There was dog, 'Honey,' A timid in a kennel with yet another dog. She looked like a puppy, small. Reading her card first we discovered she was two years old ~ full grown! This little pooch was just 2-4 lbs a dueschund/labrador mixture. She intimidates us both. As Jim made arrangements to take her home to see if Kate would likewise approve, hi, I agreed.

The obelisk Jim and I'd assembled last weekend has been full of cucumber and tomato blossoms. I sat while I painted lazy to endure, I thought to myself. I set up a canvas that was larger than that I utilize en plein air. This one is 203 x 243, perhaps not huge but significantly larger compared to the 9 x 12s I often utilize.
Nesting is something I haven't been good at. It appears I am always caught doing something. Sit and remain still? Hard for me to imagine that being done by me. Got to be DOING something.

A neighbor paddled in my painting, when I was painting. They stopped to catch a bass or 2. Without thinking whether I really wanted them there or never I brushed them in to the film! The sun moved lower in the skies and I felt that the need. Most of the garden was in shadows.
Back at the house, 'Sneekers', even as we had started calling her to get her paws ~ had been curled upward at a nest behind Jim's personal desk. There isn't much distance back there between wall and your desk of windows. Only a passageway to get into also a heap of wires!
Katie just isn't getting any younger . I've been thinking of painting her since we adopted her 14 decades back. This week I finally achieved it! I have always been fascinated with her visit white on white coloring, and also imagined painting her on a classic ivory.

As each day passed spent more and more hours coaxing her out of her nest, encouraging her to play. Slowing down me, I guess. I did not feel just so I put outside my easel and painted a view of my vegetable garden.

As I ended up painting Kate, Jim wanted me to go see two pooches he had seen and returned from the grocery store to state he'd ceased in the SPCA. I went. When we came, among those dogs he'd explained about was outside front getting clipped and brushed. Fur and dog litter was everywhere! We went. "No way," I thought for my ego.

Then I got another canvas and went. This time she stayed . Afraid she might move
I lasted at the pace that was fast. I enjoyed the gestural quality of the one, playful. "So imagine if my couch isn't really pink?" Without having to live with it in this manner I can have a sofa! Sleeping there on my own spot on the sofa she lasted teaching me the way to play. The thing she's currently sleeping is that a needlepoint pillow I made 3-5 decades ago. I let her sleep! I myself am a challenging case, I admit. Changing a workaholic? FAITH ... plays a lady! I figure that an old dog CAN learn new tricks.

Today is my birthday I couldn't even tell him how old I'm now, when Dad called to wish me Happy Birthday! "Consider this before you get the other dog," I warned my Self.
This fantasy let me see what's been going on all week! Between the dog and your paintings my life has already been balancing, inverting my outlook! I played with it. I played with the imagery ... letting the kayak of youngsters fishing enter into my world without thinking concerning if it would upset my world or never! I allow match I had been playing on my canvas of life in my own vegetable garden.