Enslaved Secretary 1

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Mr. Alex’s smile was caustic. “Then what about the two-hundred thousand naira we found stuck in the middle compartment of your bag?” Somebody must have put it there while I lporno.top was away from my desk!” Sharon cried, her mind in a complete swirl. Somehow, the wh0l£ afternoon had gone completely crazy, and everything was running out of control. The young woman, only a few years out of the polytechnic, was growing more and more frightened and confused, and she didn’t know what to do. That may be,” Alex said as a crooked, sneering smile began to spread on his face. “But who’s going to believe you? Do you think the police are going to take your word against ours when a businessman and his office manager tell them an employee has stolen our money?” They can’t prove it because I didn’t do it!” Sharon gasped. Ah, but they can!” Alex laughed triumphantly. “They’ll have two respectable witnesses in me and Miss Amanna. I know you don’t have any money, so you’ll spend time in jail because you can’t make bail, and the newspapers will tell everybody that you’re nothing but a common thief. And even if you do manage to get out of jail after a while, you’ll have lost your job in the meantime. And there’s nobody else who’ll give another job to someone whose picture has been in the paper for stealing money from their employer.”