From Mother to Slut - 2

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Come on,” he said, tucking his cock back into his trousers. “I’ve bought some sandwiches, they are in the car, then l’ll take you home and you can get ready for your randy postman.” Susan wasn’t sure if she could stand let alone walk, her legs felt like jelly. She managed to stand, holding the bench for support. She knew her breasts were still exposed but she daren’t release her grip on the bench. Her skirt was still pulled up at the back exposing her bottom. Paul gave her bottom a smack, “Come on, shift your arse, you don’t want to be late for your date.” The men across the river were still jeering and calling her names, Paul had already started walking towards the car and she felt exposed and vulnerable as well as humiliated but her pussy was still throbbing and it took all her power of resistance not to put her hand between her legs. She began to follow Paul, tottering on her high heels as she tried to cover her breasts. The car was parked on the road just outside the entrance to the park, she saw Paul standing by the door waiting for her. There were people walking along the pavement, many of them staring at her. She had lived in the town all her life and she was sure that some of them recognised her. She saw someone stopping to talk to Paul, he looked across at her as she approached, he said something to Paul and Paul replied. As Susan got closer she heard the other man say, “You lucky fucker, give her one for me,” as he patted Paul on his back.