How to Increase WordPress

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Plenty of bloggers are choosing WordPress nowadays. WordPress is simple to operate and very customizable and that is what makes it so interesting.

But these features there also comes a hazard of decreasing WordPress' load time through way too many plug-ins and code. Because of this you need to find a wa to make wordpress faster.

I will now cover two different steps which together should limit the load duration of your blog post.

To begin with it is important to move all the Javascript code towards the bottom from the page, whenever possible. Move each of the script tags right in front in the /body HTML tag.

That is essential because usually web browser can download two files in parallel, but Javascript files might be only downloaded one file at a time and moving the crooks to the bottom of the page thus boosts your WordPress blog.

Another step to take is to move all the CSS files in the head portion of your WordPress template. The real reason for that is certainly that content can be rendered progressively and this will also indicate progress to your visitors.

Also remember that CSS is definitely the most important part of your online page mainly because it renders your web site content right into a nice structure. Javascript on the other hand isn't important as it is often used just to produce fancy applications.

There are many more steps you can take however these are two steps that we find essential and every blogger should know about the subject.