Print on Glass - How to Translate a White and black Photograph Onto Glass

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Once if this was thought unattainable a picture printed on a glass surface. These days, digital technology has come so far that art may be translated onto glass too. There exists a distinctive dimension and depth to a black and white photograph or image that's printed with this a cute surface. Actually print on glass is not a difficult technique whatsoever particularly if have in mind the basics of printing on a photo paper. A few extra steps are typical you'll want to get yourself a picture printed onto a glass surface.

First, you will need a good monochrome photograph which has the perfect resolution and clarity. Just for this, you need to use a non-digital camera that is set with a black and white film; the best would be a 35mm camera however the speed from the film can range ranging from ISO 200 to 800. The next task is always to pick the best glass surface for that printing process. Choose the dimensions including thickness with respect to the image you have in your mind. Clean the glass surface very well employing a cleaner and paper towel. If you utilize old glass, ensure it is spotless before continuing together with the process.

After cleaning the surface well, you should coat it using a single, thin layer of matte medium; that is basically a liquid which is used by artists to reduce the glossy effects and in addition improve the texture of the surface. This assists in better adhesion from the film on the glass surface. After utilizing the matte medium, wait for a half-hour for an hour and be sure the surface is very dry before proceeding further. To print on glass, you need to in addition have a dark room. The glass surface has to be coated again privately where the photograph is going to be printed having a photo emulsion liquid. This has to be left for 15 to 20 minutes to dry.

Precisely the same process and equipments that you apply to print onto photo paper can be created use in printing on the glass surface. You will want out your enlarger and make contact with printer and stick to the same steps to obtain the foto op plexiglas. Because the print medium is significantly thicker, time taken to the photograph to acquire printed is significantly over usual. But have patience till the entire process gets over allowing you to have a perfect replica on the glass surface.