The Suite Sex Life Of Zack And Cody Part four

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They started to play. Cody was dragging a bit because of the shower he and his brother took. Max shouted "Come on Cody we're down by two." "I'm trying." Zack took notice of his brothers weakness and was able to smack the ball right out of his hands. "Looks like we win." "It's only because my legs hurt." "And why do hurt huh is because I just beat you." "No you know why." "Oh yeah I'm sorry." "Your legs hurt well what happened?" Max asked "It's a long story." "Hey why don't we go change." Zack grabbed Cody's arm and pulled him to the locker room. "What are doing." "Do you not feel that?" "Feel what?" "Your not horny?" "Why would I be horny?" "You did'nt see what Max was wearing." "What was she wearing?" "Those tight shorty shorts." "Oh yeah what about them?" "They were hot were'nt they?" "Now that you mention it yeah they were." "Are you thinking what I'm thinking." "Yea I am." The boys started kissing and Zack started pulling off Cody's shirt and started kissing down his chest. Then he got up and said "Get undressed." Within seconds Cody was completly naked. "Quick lets get in the shower." Before they got in the shower stall Zack got undressed as well. "Ok lets get started." Zack got down on his knees and licked the head of Cody's dick. "I want to go first." Cody said "Ok. But you have to cum in my ass this time." Zack got up and put his hands on the wall and prepared for the pleasure his ass was about to recieve. But the second Cody got behind his brother and prepared to enter he heard someone walk in. "What the hell are you two doing." "Max; Uh nothing we just uh." He tried to lie but it was pointless because she already knew what they were doing. "Is this why your legs hurt?" She started walking towards the boys. They covered their hard ons as quick as they could. "No please don't hide them I've never see a penis before." Cody said "Ok but what are you doing here?" "Everyone else left; But I did'nt see you two come out; So I came in to look for you." "Well you should'nt be in here you could get in trouble." Zack said "If they catch me I probably won't get as much trouble as you two." "Well you've got a point I guess." Zack said as he too uncovered his hard on. "Those are pretty big dicks you have but why would you have sex with each other. You could have asked me to join." Max said as she reached out to grab Cody's dick. "They feel weird too." Cody pulled away. "What you don't want to let me play. I'm a fast learner and plus I've been preparing for somthing like this anyway. Like remember when we went to the sox game Cody. I was kinda flirting with you did you notice?" "Yeah but I did'nt think anything of it." "Well I think I deserve a chance to play this game with you guys." Without warning she grabbed ahold of both of their dicks and started playing with them. "You guys are pretty cute when your together." She then got completly undressed and got on her knees in front of the boys. "You know I dreamed about one you taking my virginity. But I never thought the other one would be present as well." "Well then today is your lucky day." Zack replied "Yeah I think that I'm ready to have sex with you." Cody said "I mean I've had a little practice over the last two days." Then Max word her mouth down to Cody's dick and the flicked it with her tounge. "Hey don't for get about me. I want a blowjob too." Zack said as he stepped next to Cody. "Well alright." She slowly started licking up cody's shaft and then she put her mouth over it and started sucking the head. Then she turned her attention to Zack. She did all the same things she did to Cody; But she did them longer. Cody got a little upset. "Hey why does he get it longer?" "Oh I'm sorry here let me try something new." She then grabbed ahold of their dicks, Held them close together and in one swift motion started sucking Cody's dick than Zack's. She then started sucking in orderShe sucked Cody all the way down to the base, Then she released and then did the same thing to Zack. "Wow your good at this." Zack said "Well I've just started learning how to do it tho." "Well your still good. Hey I don't wanna rush but can I have sex with you now?" "Ok but just be gentle." With that Cody picked Max up and took her over to the bench in between the lockers. "Are you ready?" "Yes more than anything." Cody then slid her down just far enough so that her ass was at the edge. "Alright get ready." Cody said as he slid his dick in between the folds off her pussy to get it wet. "Alright here it comes."He slid it in until he felt the hymen."Ok this will only hurt once but damn will it hurt." He pulled back and then without warnig he plunged right back in. And the second he broke thru Max screamed at the top of her lungs; But Zack quickly put his hand over her mouth. "It's ok why you put something in your mouth to keep you from screaming." With that Zack grabbed his cock and slid it into her mouth.