The wrong place at the wrong time - part 1

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So I let go of the string and started pumping slowly. “Come on, get with the rhythm. Okay, good”. He was still sobbing, but he answered my thrusts as best he could the way he was tied up. I held his waist and pumped him slowly for a couple minutes, as he rocked against me. I could feel myself getting close again. I grabbed both ends of the string with just my left hand and started pulling as I said “I’m afraid I can’t allow you to live and plot revenge on me”. He shook his head violently and screamed something into the gag as he started bucking and writhing again. That was exactly what I wanted. I pulled the string tighter, and slapped his right cheek hard with my right hand. Kind of like a bull rider. And I only had about 8 seconds to go before I shot my load. I pulled tighter as I pounded his asshole, and slapped his ass repeatedly. He continued to buck and writhe. I could feel it coming. “Fuck it” I thought. I was in a frenzy. I pulled out and with one swift motion peeled the condom off. I plunged back inside, and with the condom off, his hole felt much hotter. About 10 strokes later I could feel my orgasm coming again. “I’m cumming you bitch” I sneered through clenched teeth, as I exploded inside his rectum. I had never felt an orgasm that powerful. I still had the string pulled tight around his neck, but not enough to choke him to unconsciousness. I kept pumping and squirting deep inside him. Finally after having the best orgasm I had ever experienced, I let go of the string and put both hands on his sweaty T-shirt, as I panted hard. He was also breathing hard through his snotty nose. He slumped onto the bale. You my friend, are the best fuck I have ever had”. I pulled out of him, and rested my cock on the top of his crack. My semen oozed out of my cock onto his crack. After I caught my breath, I got up and wiped myself down with the wet wipes. I put my clothes and shoes back on. I left my jacket off though, because I was still sweating. Now, what should we do with you?” He moaned something in his gag. I guessed I was something along the lines of “please let me go”. “I’m afraid that won’t be possible”. You see I’d never be able to rest knowing you were out there plotting revenge, or going to the police”. He shook his head and said something into the gag. “Right now, you’ll say anything to save your neck, and I don’t blame you. I would too. I’ll tell you what, let me think on it for a few minutes, then we’ll go from there”. He nodded his head, and mumbled something. I went out to the truck and grabbed his bag. Dumped the contents onto the ground, and said ”looky here – a cell phone. This must be my lucky day?”