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Dental Tourism or Cross Border Treatment keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is considered the most sought and premier after hub for Dental tourism despite being surrounded by Singapore. In 2012 Thailand welcomed 2.5 million clients from different parts of the entire world. The reason for such a huge turnout is the cost effective treatment supplied right here. The fee effectiveness hasn't deterred the caliber of treatment. This is often a clear indicator to the fact that Thailand draws nearly all of its income by giving dental care to its visitors.

Dental Tourism in Bangkok is time that is growing day. Clients travel from all areas of the world to this city. The many sought after treatment is aesthetic Dentistry in Bangkok. Aside from this patients travel right here for root canal therapy, dental implants, Dentures, Gum Treatments, Bonding, Tooth Whitening and many more. One other reason behind Thailand to lead the pack in the Dental Tourism sector could be because of the hot and nature that is hospitable of residents here. Can be that's why Thailand can be called Land of Smiles.

It will be surprising for you but even after the flood that is devastating 2011 Thailand welcomed 19 million tourists in 2011 itself. This is 20% more than the past 12 months. Away from these 19 million tourists almost 500,000 were there for treatment therefore supporting tourism that is dental Thailand. Then Singapore sees 10.2 million tourists every year out of which 200,000 travel for Dental treatment if the stats are to be compared.
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All of the hospitals detailed stick to ISO standards and are staffed by internationally trained doctors and nurses, lots of which graduated from Ivy League schools and top medical universities of England and Switzerland. Combine this aided by the hospitality that is superior social disposition toward friendliness, while the reasonably low expenses, and Chiang Mai easily shows the most attractive destinations for medical tourism.

Thailand boasts one of the most advanced level tourism that is medical in Asia, if you don't the entire world. Governments throughout Asia have invested resources and money to the education that is ongoing training of Thai medical specialists. Many doctors and medical staff get their training and education in america and Europe, and after graduation return to Thailand to introduce their methods. As a result of the increasing wide range of qualified physicians and surgeons as well as a rise in excellent medical facilities, and proven fact that the price of medical care in Thailand is only a small fraction of this in The United States, Europe or Australia, Thailand has transformed into the hub for medical tourism in Southeast Asia.