Wild Magic Ch 1-3

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I could see mom was mad, and I didn't want them to erupt into a shouting match, so without thinking, I interrupted, "Hey, mom. Why don't you sit with me and watch the game?" She pondered for a moment, then said, "I guess that would be nice." I expected her to sit next to me, but to my surprise she sat sideways in my lap, leaning against the end of the couch with her arms wrapped around my neck. This had the effect of putting her luscious breasts right in my face. I was keenly aware of how low cut her shirt was. It had a fairly instant effect on me, as blood rushed to my member. I had never thought of her as anything but my mother before, but the beer xxxmov.link was loosening me up, and I saw mom was a very sexy woman, especially after two kids and nearly two decades of marriage. I started squirming a bit to get more comfortable, and mom noticed. "Honey, are you okay? You're acting like you're getting a-" She stopped as she felt my stiff member press into her hip through my pants. "Oh. Did I give you that?" Embarrassed, I said, "Yeah. I'm sorry. If you could just help me out I can take care of it." I just intended to adjust myself as she moved, but that's not what happened.