Addicted to Reiki Attunements

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With some inward reflection, I noticed that it wasn't more attunements that would make me a greater practitioner it was, alternatively, clearing away my restricting beliefs, adverse thoughts and emotional blocks that would permit me to have clearer access to the Reiki strength. Now, I know that several manuals teach that this is exactly what an attunement does for us and I do not dispute that but soon after so several attunements in excess of a period of time of a littler in excess of a yr, I even now was not looking at the changes I was seeking. As a result, I took it upon myself to actively function with these problems.I wrote down all the limiting beliefs I understood I experienced, all the emotional harm from my past and my fears for the current and foreseeable future and commenced operating with them. Following a couple of months of clearing away these constraints, I identified I was much better able to assist myself, my family members and my clients. Lastly, I was looking at the benefits I had desired for so prolonged. Then possibly the most important revelation came...if I had just fully employed the Usui Reiki and used it to the appropriate locations of my life I wouldn't have necessary all those other attunements. Though I do not regret the other attunements and I do not regret learning as a lot as I did, I do comprehend that it did not support me attain my final aim. This is not to say it really is a poor thought to branch out and find out something much more than what you were initially taught but my opinion is that if your aim is to turn out to be a far better practitioner (and you have absent as considerably as you can in a certain fashion this sort of as Usui), chasing attunements isn't really the way to get there. Alternatively, go inside and find out what is blocking you in your existence and use what you presently have to assist distinct it absent. Then, when the interior operate is carried out, if you really feel a want to discover much more you'll know your decision is not based mostly merely on an addiction to attunements.

Some individuals have a tendency to turn out to be addicted to Reiki attunements and I've appear across far more than many of them in just the previous two months. These individuals feel if they can get the subsequent level attunement, their existence will boost, they will turn out to be a much more effective practitioner, they'll be far better ready to address specific problems, and so forth. I know fist hand how this is because I utilized to be addicted to attunements, myself.When I very first received concerned with Reiki I felt a need to grow to be attuned to the reiki 2 attunement procedure maximum stages of each and every type I could deal with. I considered that the next attunement would make my Reiki much more potent and powerful and this guide me on a never ending chase for the up coming attunement. After obtaining 7 attunements to different sorts of Reiki, I still wasn't satisfied. It was at this level that I recognized I experienced grow to be addicted to attunements and I was seeking to them to make me a much more efficient practitioner...but it wasn't working.