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Millions of students graduate every year from secondary schools all over the country. The tragic part is that not up to 50% of secondary school leavers have access to university. There are many contributing factors to the non accessibility to higher education.

Where finance is not the problem, lack of tangible information becomes the problem, thereby making people believe that university admission is seemly impossible without connection or without having university staff as brothers, uncles, friends and relatives. What actually precipitates this report is many people's view that one can not gain admission into university unless he has made up to five (5) credits in his SSCE. This has made many people to just sit at home writing WAEC, NECO NABTEB, GCE ETC from year to year in order to make at least five credits as they see it to be the first requirement in entering university. THIS IS A TYPICAL LIE! University admission is not as difficult as you see it. It is even easier to gain university admission than to secure secondary admission.

So, why have you not gotten it? If it is as easy as I portrayed, why are so many people seek it from year to year without success? DON'T WORRY; I' jamb expo HERE TO HELP YOU!

Many people have become JAMB costumers, they write JAMB every year as if they have covenanted with JAMB. It's either they are not always making JAMB or they are crush at post UME. We have therefore seen many students passing JAMB very well but due to one factor or the other which may range from ill health, finance, emotional trauma etc, they would not perform so well in post UME which is traceable to inadequate preparation caused by the above factors. With this many have decided to not to apply to any university again. Some settle for Colleges of education, some Polytechnics while others just follow business, marriage etc.

If you are in any of these situations or if you have been finding university admission as a hard nut to crack here is an opportunity for you. UNIVERSITY IS VERY EASY TO ENTER! All you need is information and I'm ready to give you the right information.

Universities have several programmes that help students in securing admission. They ranging from Remedial studies, sandwich, diploma to Distance Learning programme etc. All you need doing is get updates from the various universities and follow the one that suites you, irrespective of the category you fall under. With remedial you do not require complete SSCE results.

Congratulations!! I say so because you will read university course without stress because securing admission is easier than you think.