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The nodule was excised under local anesthesia and underwent histological and immunohistochemical examination to rule out any malignancy. Histological findings, cytokeratin positivity and the absence of any reactivity to specific markers of myoepithelial differentiation DZNeP molecular weight confirmed the epithelial nature of the lesion. The histological diagnosis of benign salivary tumors such as CA can be confirmed by immunohistochemistry ""doi: 10.1111/j.1741-2358.2011.00508.x The 2010 IADR �C Geriatric Oral Research Group satellite meeting On 12 and 13 July, the 2010 IADR General Session satellite meeting of the IADR �C Geriatric Oral Research Group (GORG) �C was attended by around 60 participants in the beautiful surroundings of Sitges in the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain. The speakers reflected on the main topics ��Disparities and Expectations in Oral Healthcare: An Elderly Focus�� and ��Risks and Benefits of Ageing with a Natural Dentition��, which was followed by fruitful discussions in the auditorium and the jointly enjoyed meals. The Sitges meeting comprised lectures of distinguished speakers as well as poster presentations, which discussed and defined the situation of research in the field of gerodontology today as well as the development since the last GORG satellite symposium held on Vancouver Island in 1999. Despite enormous progress over the last 10?years, many important questions concerning economics, regulation, the implementation of oral health care, treatment protocols as well as general health implications of oral disease in the frail and elderly remain still unanswered. ""doi:10.1111/j.1741-2358.2009.00319.x Exfoliative cytology of the oral mucosa in burning mouth syndrome: a cytomorphological and cytomorphometric analysis Objective:? The aim of this study was to evaluate oral epithelial cells by exfoliative cytology in burning mouth syndrome (BMS). Material and methods:? Oral smears were collected from clinically normal-appearing mucosa by liquid-based exfoliative cytology in 40 individuals (20 BMS patients and 20 healthy controls matched for age and gender) and analysed for cytological and cytomorphometric techniques. Results:? Mean values of nuclear area (NA) for experimental and control groups were, respectively, 67.52 and 55.64?��m2 (p?