Betty Hojoong admits illegal sports activities gambling I will definitely not repeat the same mistake

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Singer Kim Ho-joong admitted for you to illegal sports betting in the past and apologized.

On the 19th, Hojoong The reality star posted a blog post in the fan bistro in addition to explained, "I'm so sorry to folks of Aris. My spouse and i bowed my head and sincerely pardon for precisely what We did for just about any factor. According to 이베일, a famous sports betting site in Korea, I apologize for hurting everyone who supports everyone. I apologize. "

Hojoong Kim said, "I will certainly acknowledge myself to typically the mistakes My partner and i made in advance of and will definitely not duplicate the same mistakes in the foreseeable future. As there are fans who enjoy and caution for everyone right now, We will work harder together with harder. I sincerely excuse again. My spouse and i will provide you. "

On often the same working day, an amusement official which showed the particular idea of the organization said in a mobile phone call along with CBS Nocut News of which "Sports Toto (legitimate) in a comfort store utilized for a small amount, and former supervisor Kwon's close close friend, Cha, recommended that a person can do (Sports Toto) online. I did not realize the idea was unlawful at first, but later claimed he knew it. ”

He or she said, "I are so sorry for individuals who else believe (Illegal gambling) and I am so i am sorry. In the future, My partner and i will reside more sincerely while fulfilling. micron

Earlier, at the fan bistro run by Kim Ho-joong's former administrator, suspicions are already raised that Kim Ho-joong has already been gambling illegally in the past.

Sports Toto (the directly to vote for sports promotion) is definitely the only sports betting the fact that is officially operated below the National Sports entertainment Promotional Act, and other individual sports betting sites will be illegitimate.

Singer Kim Ho-joong, that took the final 4th place in the TELEVISION SET Chosun entertainment show'Mr. Trot', which was treasured this kind of year, held a solo fan meeting'for the initial time in the family' to get two days from fourteenth.