How Much Water Will It Take For Your IPhone To Be Damaged

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"Raindrops falling on my... iPhone? You have got to be kidding me! Quick! Cover it! Wipe all those dripping drops of rain off your phone! Oh, precious iPhone. You're safe now... you're safe now..."
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Sounds familiar, eh? Are you that overprotective over your smartphone-specifically, your iPhone? Hello! Who wouldn't? Considering how much iPhone costs these days; one cannot simply afford an iPhone. Now, that could be exaggerating, but would you like your phone be soaking wet, waterlogged, and no longer operational?
If having an iPhone is one of your dreams, having this iDevice all dysfunctional would be your worst nightmare!

Nonetheless, little did we know that Apple's iPhone can withstand the damaging threats of water. The question is: how much water will it take for your iPhone to be damaged?

While most users of iPhone are afraid of exposing their device on water, they are not aware that light water damage will not even affect an iPhone for long. iPhone even has this resilient factor to be functional again even after the damage-although water is not something that mobile back case can protect on your phone completely.
Let's see how many punches your iPhone can take:


Well, lately you've been running for your pristine phone's life so it won't get even just a raindrop, but, little did we know that they rarely affect an iPhone-really.

If I may clarify, I'm talking about the drops; not the stormy rush! Now, the aforementioned situation may be right at an angle wherein you should put it on a dry place, but you need not be panicky since your phone-if I may stress again-is resilient enough to go back in shape.
Not to say that you should let your phone be exposed to rainfall all the time. Humidity and water may collect within the case; it may also render your phone be all problematic. It's still a good thing to avoid it whenever possible.


After the rainfall, now start splashing!

But be careful what you splash on your phone, because not all liquids can promise your iPhone to be alleged as resilient. Take for examples, sticky liquids and corrosive liquids. Sticky liquids like juice and corrosive liquids like salt water should be rinsed off using clean water.
Don't forget to turn it off first. Do this before your phone is fully dried. You may ask, eBay why just not let it dry-especially on that of salt water? Well, you know, buddy. When you let the salt water just evaporate to dry, the salt-particularly-may interfere with the electronics.

You don't want your gadget be permanently damaged, do you? A little rain and a little splash can be fine. Just dry your phone well, and turn it off for like a few days to be assured.


Wait, what? Submersion? You may be surprised to know that your pristine iPhone can take a beating even to the point of submersion. This only means that your phone can still work fine after being dropped on a sink full of water and even if-God forbid-on the toilet.

Eek! No need to shudder endlessly. Just turn your phone off immediately, dismantle its parts, put each piece in a bag of uncooked rice, and let it dry thoroughly. While waiting, don't-I repeat-don't turn your phone on. After you have been patiently waiting, I can assure you that good things come to those who wait; it'll be just fine.

So, don't be all panicky. If malfunctions start to show, better turn off your gadget once more and let it dry. Don't even think about blow-drying your phone because heat can damage it further. In these times, the uncooked bag of rice can be your ultimate friend.

You'll see by then that the damage will only last temporarily.
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