How To Purchase A Healthy Cereal

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I came across an article that talks about the unhealthiest drinks in the nation. I was expecting a huge revelation, but really I wasn't very surprised by the results.

Another way that I think made me lose weight fast easy is avoiding sugary drinks. I used to be a cola and coffee freak, and I learned my lesson one day when I felt so bloated that I started to palpitate and feel like I'm losing my consciousness. On that note, I suggest that you go to the kitchen, open the cupboard, and throw away the powdered juices, cream, sugar, coffee, and soft drink labels in can. Eight to twelve glasses are enough for me to live day, along with occasional fresh fruit juices.

Refined sugar is called "white death" for a reason: it's one of the worst things we can do to our immune system, our weight, and our overall health. And it is addicting! The more you eat it the more your body will crave it. So drinks labels beware! It comes in many forms.

1) Fruit Juice: We have been sold the big lie for so long that fruit juices are perfectly healthy. Not so my friend. Next time you're at the shops and thinking about putting that bottle of juice in your trolley think again. Read the nutritional label and you might be surprised about what is actually inside that bottle of junk. Isn't fruit juice just supposed to be the juice of the fruit that it is supposed to represent? You would think so but the ingredients labels will tell you another story. The big question is why these drinks need that many ingredients? Also be very careful when giving these to your kids. They will be running around on a sugar high all day!

You should be careful with what you drink. Every time you head down the grocery store to grab your favorite juice drink, make sure you are reading and checking the labels for nutritional facts. A lot of drinks hide sweeteners in them but they cannot hide the facts from you. Read the custom drink bottle labels.

Think about it. How often packaging labels do you eat ONLY tortilla chips? What if you have a bowl of fresh, healthy salsa to go with them? How many are you going to eat then? Those fat grams add up really fast!

What's on a label? Iowa State University Extension Service answers this question with its website article, "Consumer Choices: Using Textile Labels." Fiber content is one thing and may be the most important to you.

The Label Says; Saturated fat free. It means less than 1/2 gram of saturated fat per serving. The Label Says; Low Saturated fat. It means less than 1 gram of saturated fat per serving. Now if you are really trying to manage your weight loss you may only eat the small portion label as one serving on most packages. Most people eat more.

I now make sure that when I buy juice it is simply juice, nothing more nothing less. The natural sugars in pure fruit juice have nutritional values, although I must confess that now and again I enjoy a fizzy drink.

These are artificially created and have associated risks with consumption. You'd never guess which foods contain colorants (breath mints, yogurt, baked goods, or cake frosting anyone?) and it's sad to see the thousands of products specifically marketed to kids. When you find artificial colorings in one of your favorite foods, get fired up and write a letter or send an email to the food company. Pressure from the government and/or consumers is likely the only way we'll see change on this issue.