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Buy a leather bracelet is not a problem now ... There are many websites and shops. The problem is to buy a handmade leather bracelet. In our catalog - a wide range of leather bracelets on hand, made by hand from genuine quality leather, which will last a very long time!
Leather bracelets of the last two or three decades have been a popular jewelry on the hand that many young girls and boys all over the world wear. Men's leather bracelet is a sign of distinctive taste and a good way to show their individuality.
For the first time, leather bracelets appeared in ancient Rome, they were worn by noble rich people who, by wearing such leather accessories, emphasized their belonging to the upper class. In America, leather bracelets appeared first among bikers, who thus could identify with one group or another. Leather men's and women's bracelets were particularly popular during the era of rock and roll appearance, when young people were able to achieve a certain independence from the stagnant culture of the American society of the 60s, then stalled in Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. Leather bracelet on hand, appearing in rock culture has become very fashionable everywhere. And now it is a constant attribute of many thousands of men and women, girls and boys, who like to emphasize their independence and originality.

The main advantages of this decoration is its versatility. A genuine leather bracelet will look equally successful both under an expensive suit and under your casual clothing. Combining these decorations in clothes, you can show your taste and imagination in order to always look better and more stylish than others. Having gathered for a party, or for dinner in a good restaurant, you will feel more confident and independent, knowing that your external image is immaculate and perfectly complements the rich inner world.

In the online store IROOCCA you can buy bracelets made of leather, more than 140 types. The range includes both men's leather bracelets and women's. Bracelets for every taste, the highest quality will be able to satisfy the most sophisticated customer: with all sorts of inserts, decorated with steel elements, Swarovski stones, fastened with buttons, straps, buckles. In the production of our leather bracelets, the highest quality leather, rivets and accessories manufactured in Italy and Israel are used. We work with delivery throughout Ukraine.

We instantly react to your orders, we try to do everything so that you, having bought one leather bracelet from us - become convinced of its highest quality - come back to us again and again. We can also carry out any individual orders: adjust the bracelet to any, even the most unique size, using leather of various colors, which are almost always in stock. You can even come up with the ideal model of your bracelet yourself, based on the models that are in our catalog and we will turn your fantasy into reality. Just dial our number in the upper right corner of the site or fill out the order form on the product page and we will contact you shortly.

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