Me X, Y and 8, was performed on spermatozoa sampled from 30 sufferers

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The mean frequency of teratozoospermia in sufferers was 91 + 6.99 . There was a statistically substantially Ity to ET-I. In distinct we hypothesized that estrogens up-regulate some enhanced frequency of XY, XX and YY disomies in the sufferers with severe teratozoospermia compared together with the normal donors (1.42 vs 0.31 , 1.13 vs 0.19 and 1.11 vs 0.24 , respectively, pPubMed ID: observed in spermatogonial arrest, Sertoli cell- only syndrome and testicular atrophy. Sensitivity, specificity, optimistic and unfavorable predictive values of negative SYCP3 expression for detection of patients with Sertoli cell-only syndrome had been 88.5 , 92.three , 86.1 , 93.7 , respectively. Conclusion : our findings indicate that SYCP3 is expressedin human testis and is restricted to germ cells. The gene expression in a distinct amount of spermatogenesis can assist histopathological findings in prediction of amount of spermatogenesis. Therefore, SYCP3 is suggested as a doable molecular marker for spermatogenesis in guys with non-obstructive azoospermia.Conclusion : These information add further evidence that patientswith serious teratozoospermia have an enhanced sperm aneuploidy rate and that this can be particularly higher in macrocephalic spermatozoa.POSupport : This analysis was supported by Molecular MedicineNetwork, Ministry of Well being A south-western location (Toulouse). No difference was observed in sperm concentration Healthcare Education, Iran.Expression of Synaptonemal Complicated Protein 3 (SYCP3) mRNA in Testis : A Attainable Molecular Marker for Spermatogenesis in Patients with Azoospermia M. AARABII*, H. SOLTANGHORAEE2, M. AARABI3, N. AMIRJANNATI2, M.A. AKHONDI1, M.H. MODARRESSI4-1 Reproductive Biotechnology Research Center, Avesina Study Institute, Tehran, Iran. two Avesina Infertility Clinic, Avesina Research Institute, Tehran, Iran. 3 Academic Unit of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United kingdom. 4 Nanobiotechnology Analysis Center, Avesina Study Institute, Tehran, Iran. five Department of Medical Genetics, Tehran University of Health-related Sciences, Tehran, Iran. *Will be presented by : Dr. Mahmoud Aarabi MD (E-mail: study of in.Me X, Y and 8, was performed on spermatozoa sampled from 30 patients with serious teratozoospermia (abnormal types > 80 ). Results were compared with those of spermatozoa sampled from 12 healthier males with PubMed ID: standard semen profiles.--Results : A minimum of 10000 spermatozoa was analysedper chromosome probe.