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In addition to assays together with materials that have an endpoint ""percent activation"" involving 50% at GW4064 clinical trial to explain your pharmacological motion. Picked outcomes are: (One) (?compound=) (?endpoint=) (?type=) (?moaType=) (?responseValue=""50""xsd:move) thiram ^^ (?screeningConc=""2.154""xsd:drift) ^^ (?assay=) (5) (?compound=) (?endpoint=) (?type=) (?moaType=) (?responseValue=""50""xsd:move) ^^ (?screeningConc=""2.154""xsd:flow) ^^ (?assay=) (5130) (?compound=) (?endpoint=) (?type=) (?moaType=) (?responseValue=""132.52""xsd:flow) ^^ (?screeningConc=""5.7""xsd:drift) ^^ (?assay=) (5131) (?Compound=) (?endpoint=) (?type=) (?moaType=) (?responseValue=""132.52""xsd:float) ^^ (?screeningConc=""5.7""xsd:drift) ^^ (?assay=) The first outcome (One particular) describes Support 695 [30]. Because just before, the particular formal concept of ""mode of action"" from the ontology along with the reasoning program have the ability to access pertinent outcomes through effects, that may not went back from a relational database system (elizabeth.h. agonist if an individual wanted account activation). Instance Three: Using this example, all of us show a certain scenario relating to a few concepts: endpoint, bioassay, as well as perturbagen. Determine Your five displays the kind of relationships among these kinds of aspects (take note: the theory ""measure group"" MK-8776 in vitro is present to support multiplexed assays; it's not employed in this example); it's a better representation involving a few of the principles in Number One particular. Regarding particular interest rates are the regards ""has perturbagen"" that holds between endpoint as well as perturbagen along with bioassay along with perturbagen. The ontology specifies this house posseses an inverse relationship with ""is perturbagen of"". Take a look at demonstrate exactly how these kinds of associations (using traits) are widely-used to access entitled circumstances (folks) by simply inference. This kind of thought mechanism as a result enables us to obtain perturbagens based on more technical ideas, for instance a sounding promiscuous ingredients (compounds which might be productive in several assays - discover down below). Number A few Relationships in between BioAssay, EndPoint, and also Perturbagen. To illustrate this kind of, we asked for all those perturbagens that have a part result involving ��50% in at least 3 assays. The SPARQL issue had been the following: Pick ?pert Wherever { ?pert rdf:type bao:BAO_0000021. ?pert bao:BAO_0000361 ?assay. ?assay bao:BAO_0000209 ?measureGroup. ?measureGroup bao:BAO_ 0000208 ?endpoint. ?endpoint bao:BAO_0000195 ?percentResponseValue.