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ufa191 Everton sign James Rodriguez from Real Madrid ufa191 Everton completed the signing of James Rodriguez from Real Madrid on Monday, getting back the Colombian playmaker with manager Carlo Ancelotti for a third period.

The Premier League club are documented to have compensated ?22 million (US$29 million) for the 29-year-old, who was leading scorer at the 2014 World Mug.

James’s performances on the world phase earned him an 80 million euro (US$95 million) move to Madrid six years ago and he shone in his first season in the Spanish capital under Ancelotti’s management.

However, he fell down the pecking order in Zinedine Zidane’s two periods in charge in the Bernabeu and failed to impress in a two-year mortgage spell at Bayern Munich between 2017 as well as 2019, where also, he worked under Ancelotti. ufa191 JOIN Right now & GET $50 Pleasant BONUS! Get Welcome Bonus up to $50 in your first down payment. We offer the very best Odds within Sportsbooks, Best Games in Reside Casino, Lottery & Slot Games. Get now while stocks last! PROMOTION OFFER: Promotion pertains to all new members with authorized currency USD, RMB, VND, IDR, THB, MYR and KRW. Members are allowed to claim only one type of Welcome Bonus. This promotion starts through 01 September 2020 00:00:00 (GMT +8) until 30 September 2020 23:59:59 (GMT+8). This promotion is dependant on a limited time and while shares last only. This promotion is subject to availability when you claimed through “Apply Now” button as well as stock restrictions. W88.com supplies the right to terminate your bonus claimed as well as withdraw the whole promotion anytime without notice. In order to qualify, you have to deposit $10 and much more, and susceptible to W88 received your deposits because cleared money of the time of the deposit submission. Each fellow member can claim the bonus as soon as only. Make sure you click and submit “Apply Now” button. You will be rewarded with a Bonus Code to enter once you are qualified and subject to stocks accessibility within a few hours from W88. Make sure you claim your own Welcome Reward within 48 hours before your Bonus Code expire.