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Having a car is really a necessary characteristic of our daily drive that does not only save us time on the streets, but in addition makes our lives much easier and much more enjoyable. When it comes to investing in a automobile, one has to confess that it is a massive determination, especially from the economic viewpoint. For that reason, buying a new automobile may not be a choice, yet hunting lower a pre-owned vehicle which will meet your anticipations may possibly prove challenging. At Autohaus Groenewold finding your fantasy car or truck is a breeze. This is the company that for years has dedicate all of its endeavours to provide its consumers with the finest selection of auto cars, each new and used, at the best prices you can get in Germany.

Johann Groenewold founded the business in 1950 with all the can make Lloyd and Borgward and for over fifty percent a hundred years, this family members owned or operated and run automobile dealer in Leer, acquired the hearts and have confidence in of 1000s of clientele and is regarded as the finest auto trading Leer has ever witnessed. In March 2003 took control of the Ford brand and obtained a Renault service contract. In 2013, the Autohaus Groenewold obtained a Dacia service contract, so that today, in addition to the sale and service work of Ford's new vehicles, Renault and Dacia also offer service and extended warranty work.

Position as the best car dealership in Leer East Frisia, Autohaus Groenewold proudly gives not just straight forward and cost-effective vehicle sales, but also a sizable range of restoration solutions and it has the biggest and also the most properly-equipped workshop Leer, maintenance being performed on all versions of Ford, Renault and Dacia cars.

So whether or not you are planning to get a new family members car or you want to buy your first automobile on a tight budget, you are able to depend on the very best of the car dealers in Leer to assist you to search on the vehicle that will exceed your expectations, regardless whether it is a brand new or preowned car. At Autohaus Groenewold you can count on professional assistance, reliable details, full package of maintenance services and honest, clear prices with no hidden expenses. You need to be right behind the wheel of the amazing vehicle and this is actually the location that can make your perfect becoming reality. Take your time to take a look at their delivers around the Autohaus Groenewold web page, or check out the roomy consumer center, the big event hallway or take a glimpse at their state of the art workshop.

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